House in Multiple Occupation

House with Multiple Occupancies Application

HMO Licensing

For information on licensing and what kind of licence is required for your copy more information can be found here.
The following documents will be required (if applicable to your property)

  • Passport type photograph of the proposed licence holder
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Copy of a tenancy agreement
  • Plans for the property with room measurements
  • Landlords Gas Safety Record (if the property has gas)
  • Portable Appliance Test (PAT) Certificate
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (Periodic Report)
  • Fire Detection Inspection
  • Fire Risk Assessment completed or reviewed in the last 12 months
  • Emergency Lighting Inspection report carried out in the last 12 months
  • EPC Certificate issued within the last 10 years (if applicable)

If you fail to disclose the required documents then the application will be returned to you and your property will remain unlicensed until they are disclosed.

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